Meet Our Team

For the role of Culinary Director, who better than a renowned chef with over twenty-seven years of experience? After transitioning from the kitchen to the research lab, David Bass got busy creating a sales-and-customer-driven approach for new product development.

Culinary Director
David Bass

Developing and improving FRF’s equipment and products are what Daren Coonrod does best. He has numerous patents in the Specialty Seeds and Oils area and applies his outstanding knowledge to taking Flavor Reddy Foods innovation to the next level.

Global Technical Director
Daren Coonrod

Alyshia Cuff spends her days making sure that delightful and astonishing sensations are a part of every product FRF offers. She runs FRF’s sensory lab, where she continually challenges her senses of sight, smell, and taste so our customers get the best possible experience. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

Sensory Technologist
Alyshia Cuff
Corporate Environmental Safety Manager
Sean Devine

Rob Freeman connects the dots to get results, and his strong strategic, technical, and customer relations capabilities make him an expert in building seamless connections with our customer and teams.

Canada Commercial Director
Rob Freeman

Neli Garcia has a unique talent for bringing value to any task she is involved in. A fundamental support in our company, she handles a wide range of duties that are essential to the company’s success.

Human Resources & Administrative Manager
Neli Garcia

Alan Hamilton’s expertise in the food safety industry is surpassed only by his commitment to our customers’ satisfaction. He dedicates all his efforts to producing the best quality products that meet our company’s high standards.

Sr. Quality Assurance Manager
Alan Hamilton

Joe Horvath’s insatiable appetite for food and adventure fuel his innovative spirit and strengthen his culinary expertise.  A product development specialist with a customer centric approach and passion for flavor, he transposes a lifetime of continuous learning into his culinary creations for Flavor Reddy Foods.

Product Development Chef
Joe Horvath

Jon Kutas focuses on customer relationships and flawless execution on customer expectations. He keeps a pulse on the industry, monitors aspects of the marketplace that help Flavor Reddy Foods run smoothly and keeps our customers 100% satisfied.

U.S. Commercial Director
Jon Kutas

Mark Leshniowsky is our resident expert when it comes to researching and developing new processes and solutions for Flavor Reddy Foods. Mark is responsible for taking our food science to the next level, and he combines the quest for perfection with a refreshing lightheartedness that benefits the whole team.

Sr. Research and Development Manager
Mark Leshniowsky

If there is one thing that represents Flavor Reddy Foods, it is meeting each and every one of our customers’ needs and exceeding their expectations. And if there is one person who makes that happen every day, it’s Ann Elise Pyles! She employs state-of-the-art data analysis techniques to understand our customers’ demands and adapt the activity of our departments to fulfill them.

Customer Solutions Specialist
Ann Pyles
Sr. Financial Analyst
Gilbert Sotelo

Jackie Tinsley plays a key role in defining and achieving FRF’s financial goals and aligning the company’s approach with the corporate vision. She uses a strategic approach to create internal control processes that clearly communicate financial details across the company.

Financial Planning and Analysis Director
Jackie Tinsley

Scientific research capability is a fundamental quality at Flavor Reddy Foods, and Maria Vennewitz is the company’s trusted food scientist. After more than a decade of experience, she surprises us daily with her insights on developing new and better ways of selecting, preserving, processing, packaging, and distributing food.

Product Development Manager
Maria Vennewitz
Executive VP/General Counsel, Ventura Foods
Rebecca Walsh

Tom Metelmann has more that 25 years of experience in the food, beverage and consumer products industry. Tom is the EVP Operations for Ventura Foods.  In his role, Tom is part of the Executive leadership team for Ventura Foods and leads the Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Quality Organizations. Prior to joining Ventura Foods, Tom held leadership positions in both PepsiCo and Unilever.

EVP Operations, Ventura Foods
Tom Metelmann

Erika Noonburg-Morgan is the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Ventura Foods and is responsible for overall financial stewardship, including Financial Planning and Analysis, Reporting, Treasury, Procurement and Enterprise Risk Management. Prior to assuming her role as CFO, Erika served as SVP, CFO of Coca-Cola Beverages Florida.

FRF Managing Committee Member, Executive VP & CFO, Ventura Foods
Erika Noonburg-Morgan

Ash Reddy serves as Vice President of Global Strategy & Corporate Development at JSSI, a leading aviation services provider based in Chicago.  In this role, he leads strategic planning and oversees the organization’s pricing, human resources, client services, and corporate communications functions.

Ash Reddy

Steven D. Romberg is the retired President and COO of the HAVI Group, LP, a privately held provider of logistics, packaging, business intelligence, and promotional marketing services. He had overall responsibility for the strategic direction and operations of this multi billion dollar organization. HAVI has over 9,000 employees and operates in 47 countries.

FRF Managing Committee Member, President & COO, Havi - Retired
Steven D. Romberg

Ram Reddy’s renowned experience in the industry makes him a veritable expert in devising innovative strategies for Flavor Reddy Foods and its production activities. His global leadership skills and expertise ensures that the company is positioned at the forefront of the liquid products category.

FRF Managing Committee Chairman, CEO, Flavor Reddy Foods
Ram Reddy